LHP review

Hey everyone,

Haven’t posted for a bit but have been reading the forum and reviews. Would like to get some comments on my mechanics.

I think I need to shorten my stride or somehow work to get to foot-strike sooner as I seem to be dragging before plant. Does it make sense that I should be having my hip pull my posting forward for the drag line and not dragging before I plant?

Any thoughts on my arm action and timing is appreciated! I am 6’4", 220#, and top out in the low to mid 80s but not 100% sure. By the way, Go Rams!

I don’t think you need to shorten your stride at all, as long as you stay closed on your foot strike, I like your balance in the post and at the end of the pitch! The longer the stride the closer you are to the plate and the less velocity you loose over the distace, in addition you are just that much closer to the plate and that much harder to pick up the ball and react to it, just my opinion but it looks really solid.

As long as your landing isn’t so harsh that it leads to hips and shoulders rotating together, there is nothing wrong with dragging before foot plant. You seem to have the physical make-up to make it work. Definitely gets your release point closer to home plate which is a good thing.

I do like my long stride. It’s just I’ve noticed that not too many pitchers drag before plant and I was coached to extend the post leg and I guess my momentum aids in the drag.
The other thing i’ve noticed is that I don’t get as much external rotation. Is that an issue of early rotation, am I not shifting my weight back properly, or is it something else? I do think i get good hip-shoulder separation.

Thanks for the replies.

Lincecum drags before foot plant. :wink:

Different pitchers have different flexibility and, therefore, get different amounts of external rotation. I didn’t notice an issue with yours but, of course, it’s tough to look at arm action without using high speed video.