LHP reaching back too far?

Hi, wanted some input and tips for my 14 year old son. He has never had a pitching lessons, just taught by his Dad. Always had a lot of success on the mound, but I would like to make sure his mechanics look ok as we begin to advance. He really reaches back pretty far and I don’t see a lot of other kids with the same motion. Thank you!

There are two things you can do-

  1. Have him stand a few inches from a wall or door as if he is in the stretch position; the side of his body will be closest to the wall/door, not his back, and the foot will be parallel to the wall/door. Then, have him go through his motion slowly without hitting the wall/door behind him. As seen by MLB pitchers, he will get his body moving forward early toward home plate. He may repeatedly hit the wall or door, but don’t let him get discouraged; eventually, he will get it. This one drill will correct many things that are wrong with young pitchers.

  2. Have him stand with his back against a wall in a stretch position; go through his motion repeatedly until he does not hit the wall.

These two drills should help,

Please post a new video in a week or so showing his progress.

Former pitcher and current pitching coach

Thank you! We will try this and let you know how it goes.