LHP pitching analysis - FB side view


I had trouble linking this video last time. Hopefully it works this time.

HS junior, 5’9", 165 lbs, 16 yrs old

FB side view


You start your delivery with a weight shift towards 2B. That makes you slower to the plate and could tip off base runners that you’re going home (depending on your move pick-off move to 1B). Don’t go back to go forward - only go forward. Fix this by coming set with the feet closer together.

Your center of mass doesn’t really start moving forward until after peak of knee lift. Try to start forward at peak of knee lift or earlier.

I also think you need to delay shoulder rotation and increase hip & shoulder rotation. Right now, it looks like your shoulders start rotating at front foot plant but, at foot plat, the hips should finish rotating AND THEN shoulders should rotate. Early shoulder rotation usually starts with either a posture issue and/or a glove (equal & opposite) issue. In your case, I’d focus on equal & opposite - get the glove arm extended out front further to max throwing arm extension to the back. I’d also experiment with getting the glove up higher in the front.