LHP needs another pitch

I’m 6’0 140 lbs and going to be a junior. I throw a 4 seam/2 seam fastball (only throw the 4 seam when its 3-0) with good movement. I throw a palmball type changeup. I also throw a big almost Rich Hill type curveball. So I have 3 pitches and I feel like I need one more and I wanted to see what you guys would suggest.

In my mind you need a pitch like a cutter since it can elp set up your two seam

I also agree…but if you have a 2 differnet fastballs as you say and a change-up and a curve there isn’t anything more you need. You need to either work on velocity or command. Or both. Also need to work on both pitches. A good goal is to be able to throw either of the change or curve when your down in the count. You should also work on hitting good fasbtall locations.

which grip is better for the cutter?

A. the way mariano throws it by the adjustment on the 4 seam grip

B. the 2 seam grip n put pressure on index finger

Personal preference. Are you referring to one of steves articles. Possibly the one I made?

yes i am

I like the Marino style better. I don’t throw the other one much anymore. Maby if I play catch today I’ll experiment with it again.

If I were you I wouldn’t carry so many pitches. I’d stay with the curve and cirlce. If you want to throw the cutter you might want to consider dropping a pitch. Unless you think you can master all of them. Go for it.

Well with the cutter I would have 4 pitches… do u think thats to much?

in reference to the cutter grips: you can also grip it by taking a two seam grip and moving your thumb until it splits that middle of the ball

Yeah a bit. I think Pettite throws a cutter, curve and maby a change-up. But he’s a pro athlete and has all day to work on his pitches. :smiley:

If you say you have a good 2-seam thats almost a differnet pitch then you have that along with the 4-seam, curve, and change. I think you would have to master all of them. Or maby have one on the back burner for late innings. But the cutter won’t have as much of an impact in a late inning game as a random curve or change-up would. If your curve or change is underdeveloped and you want to work on the cutter to compliment your good 2-seam, you could use one of the change or curve as a late inning throw it to a good hitter to throw him off sort of pitch. When I throw my cutter its almost as much or even more than a regular fastball. If you have a good 2-seam to compliment a good cutter you would only need 1 off-speed pitch to throw. Thats assuming you have good location. :smiley: :smiley:

Ok I might wait to add the cutter because I have a real good curveball and I can locate it, Im comfortable throwing it. The changeup I am not as comfortable throwing it I still throw it in the dirt to much and I do not know why so I have to work on that

Its your choice. You can work on the cutter or the change-up. I just think I’d be sweet to have the cutter. Actually its a great pitch to throw to opposite batters. Your a lefty I assume. When Marinao throws his cutter its more effective to lefties, hes a righty. Actually some batters that switch will choose to go up to him right handed. So being a lefty you probably will face a majority of right handed batters. Especially in the high school level. You will have an advantage because most hitters don’t get to see lefties that much especially in practice unless they have a few lefty pitchers. But…they will also be able to see the ball better and it isn’t coming from behind them like a righties would. So now you have a pitch that is great against righties. A great combo would be a 2-seam inside that looks like it will hit him for a righty. Then hit him with a cutter inside that moves in on him. He will know to watch the inside corner so he’ll see the ball at the inside and swing next thing you know its on his hands. Also back-dooring a cutter is a good idea.

I forgot is a change-up another good pitch to throw Lefty vs. Righy or Righty vs. Lefty?

when gripping the cutter like mariano does do u have to put pressure on any finger?

I had a long post on this before. Cut dry, your less likely to supinate you throw it off of your index finer (you will actually have to pronate a little).

But you can still get away with throwing it off of your middle finger without supinating.

im a lefty too, at first i only threw fastballs and changeups and felt like i needed other pitches because i would get hit quit badly. i worked a curveball that as pretty good mouvement but i felt in love with it and started to throw it too often leading to loose some fastball velocity and control. i came back to the 4-seam fastball/4-seam changeup and instead of just throwing it i locate it like really i have 8 different pitches and even more, a fastball right up/left up/right down/left down and same for change. this really messes up the batter way more than a cutter followed by a curve followed by a slider followed by a fastball and all that stuff. turn your change-up over and you might fall in love with it though with the change its a good thing.

I also think the utter is a great pitch but i think you should work on mastering your other pitches and locating them . 4 pitches is enough