LHP mechanics video bullpen

Trying to get my mph up for a couple major tryouts soon. I’m thinking I need to move everything a little more forward on that front leg, and possibly more hip rotation? Any advice is appreciated. Here is a slomo video I made with GoPro.

I’m not an expert on pitching mechanics. But in my unprofessional opinion it looks to me like you need more hip/shoulder separation. It also looks like you lean forward while picking up you leg which would allow a good base runner to steal easy bases off of you. Another thing to try and fix is that it looks like you have a very long drag with your back foot. I would offer advice on fixing that but mines equally as bad and I also have no idea how to correct it haha

Ya I’m trying to push off a little too much on that back foot it looks like to get closer to the plate. Thanks for your input. The hip shoulder separation I will look some stuff up on and implement.

First, do you have access to a radar gun so you can establish a baseline and then determine if any adjustments you try actually increase your mph? If not, you’ll only be able to make instinctive judgements which may or may not be accurate.

Having said that, I think LeftyRyan is on the right path with his comment about hip and shoulder separation. Basically, you want to delay shoulder rotation as long as possible to give the hips time to fully rotate thereby maximizing hip and shoulder separation. Now you could try to just arbitrarily delay your shoulder rotation. But most of the time pitchers with early shoulder rotation rotate early because of something they do with their posture or glove arm. In your case, I don’t see a posture issue. But I do see any area for improvement in the glove arm - specifically in your “opposite & equal”.

After your hands break, your throwing arm extends down and back while your glove arm extends straight forward. This means your glove arm takes a shorter path to do its thing than does your throwing arm. And that means your front side is quicker than the back side which leads to early shoulder rotation. Instead of extending your glove arm straight forward, extend it up and forward into a better “opposite & equal” position. Your glove arm will follow a longer path which means it will take longer to do its thing thus delaying shoulder rotation and getting you more hip and shoulder separation. And more MPH.

Oh, and this adjustment will also let you get out further over the front leg because the body is still tracking forward while you’re delaying that shoulder rotation.

Andy Pettitte and Tim Lincecum are examples of pitchers whose “opposite & equal” is a low throwing hand and high glove.

Thanks Roger that makes alot of sense, I’m already throwing in the low 80s so I’m interested to see what I can do with these fixes. Gonna work on them tommorrow, and watch some Pettitte film.

Let us know how it works out. And good luck with the tryouts.