LHP looking for mechanic advice

Hi, I need advice with my mechanics. Can anyone tell me if its possible to get anymore velocity out of my small frame. I’m 5’8 160lbs an I’m done growing. I see a former AAA pitcher, (great instructor), but I would love to hear what others have to say too.

Also a little background:

Had shoulder surgery on my labrum
Last year I had a Cortisone Shot
Shoulder is extremely tight
Had G.I.R.D- Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficient…something like that
Recovered from G.I.R.D but found out my External Rotation is horrible now
Elbow, Bicep, Tricep, Forearm soreness…varies each day in different places
Also I feel like I don’t use my legs at all

If you need anymore Information just let me know

can anyone help me out?

Technically and mechanically at this video speed, all I can see is that you don’t really get flat at all, also your arm path goes from about 11 to 4 instead of going from 11 to 5. I would like to see your left wrist end up just over your right knee, thumb down. This should help you get flatter and use your body to pull the ball down more. This should also allow you to bring your left knee higher and therefore decelerate your arm more naturally.

Of course with all the issues you have had, I would definately want to have a professional work with me step by step, someone who has helped others rehab! Good Luck,

Yeah I agree with that, you look fine besides getting your back flat during the follow through.

You definetly got to use your legs more like you suggested yourself. Pushing off further helps you generate more momentum that you will eventually learn to chain trough your hips and upper body rotation, thus gaining more velocity.

What worries me is that you seem to get most of the acceleration from your arm and shoulder, which is a definitive no-no. Your arm should be rag-loose and simply transfer the momentum instead of generating the most part of your velocity.

Here’s a guy that does so many things right that you can’t go much wrong when looking someone to emulate. Especially his stride and lower body action is admirable. I recommend you watch this clip side-by-side with your video and you’ll notice clear differences.

2 things. your foot plant is a little stiff…make sure you land on a soft front leg. when that front fit hits, let it glide down and make it land softly like your stepping on glass.

second. your glove side arm is kinda loose and flailing around. when you rotate really swivel that glove into your chest and tuck it in. (both you can do while just tossing)

look back at oswalt…he does both really well.

to me, you look like you start out really nice. You load your hips real well, but once you get to a footplant I can tell that you have a lot of energy built up that you have used b/c you didnt get a maximum leg drive which in return causes your hips and shoulders to rotate at the same time. Thus, most of your velocity will come from the arm. I’m a lefty hurler too, and this used to be one of my big problems, but now I’ve been able to get better hip/shoulder septeration and haven’t had any arm soreness since.

very nice arm swing action

i hope you can stride more,

your pitching temo is consider as fast like Roy oswalt, David Price, etc

now you may not stride up to 90-100 % of your height, as i can tell

so i hope you can stride longer distance and hopefully, you can finish like Roger clemens or Jon lester, or Maddux, who finish with their back flat and stand still as well

I want t thank you alll for your advice. It seems to me that most of you agree that I need to stride longer to get maximum hip/shoulder seperation an also use my legs more. Also stop being so heavy on my stride leg. Also do a little work with my glove hand.

Now for the flat back I dont understand what you mean by that and fast tempo, is that bad. Can you please elborate more

[quote=“leftypitcher”]found out my External Rotation is horrible now
Elbow, Bicep, Tricep, Forearm soreness…varies each day in different places.

I watched the video first, saw your break was very, very compact and maybe too controlled. Then the info about your injury and condition says that your arm is toast? Are you asking how to pitch with pain? Are you actually rehabbing right now?

When you can break from set position and fling your arm down, out and over with full extension without issues, then I would worry about mechanics. Just work on your shoulder and arm angle/slot until you’re strong again.

Yeah, 24 seconds is a good throw to pause on the arm action to see just how limited your external rotation is. It can’t be more than 120-130 degrees, looking very tight. It doesn’t look comfortable.

Flat Back:
as you finish the pitch, your back should end up parallel with the ground, the higher you stay the more your entire body doesn’t throw the ball and more importantly the less of your body, and legs, are available to decelerate your arm intern helping prevent injury, I feel that most injuries are due to deceleration vs acceleration, your deceleration time is only a foot or 2 vs your whole arm swing for acceleration, so body and legs need to be used to slow down the arm.

Fast Tempo:
I really didn’t notice this in your video, maybe someone else can help

no one says fast tempo is not good

i am just saying that you have a fast pitching tempo like Roy Oswalt, or David price

Slow Tempo like Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, or moderate tempo like roger clemens, jon lester, its alright

its just how you choose your upper body and lower legs to cooperate together

remember!!! there is nothing wrong with fast tempo

haha alright I thought it might be bad that I was going at a fast tempo. buwhite, I’ve trying to take longer strides and really incorporate my legs to use less effort in my arm. Also beard bread, I have a question for you know. Your saying my external is around 120-130 degrees right? If I increase my external rotation, is it possible that my velocity will increase then?