LHP JC From 85-86 to barley 80?



Just an observation. Looks like your landing foot is coming down with toe pointed open, head also goes in same direction. Would be great to see a front view to see if this is the case. My son looks very similar to you and something he’s been working to correct but struggling. He was 84-86 in the fall & 80-82 now sometimes struggling to break 80. A former major league pitcher worked with him in the later part of the summer through early fall & noticed the issue. He stayed on him about the foot and direction & sped him up from 80-82 to 84-86. Due to a busy fall schedule, a winter break from pitching, and a full school schedule now he’s been unable to get back with him & he’s back to low 80’s. Not sure if he just treated a symptom but really improved his velocity and command. As for the reason he does this I have a suspision. Coming into HS he was a 5’8 125 lb kid throwing 75-77. He didn’t have a particularly long stride and tended to throw across his body a little. Nothing serious but landing a couple of inches on the arm side of center but toes were always pointed closed. Coach stayed on him about increasing stride length and staying on the center line. My belief is this may have caused him to extend his leg and point his toe. Today he is a 5’11 160 lb Junior most of the time throwing only 5mph faster than he was as an incoming Freshman. Command of his breaking pitch has also diminished since he started HS. He is working on staying closed as long as possible but can’t seem to change the landing. I am not someone who typically offers advice in the analysis section but what you do looks very similar to my son. I’m confident some others on the site will offer you sound advice. Hoping whatever they find might be helpful for us also. Best of luck.


What has changed since you dropped velocity?
Mechanics, physical make up, throwing program, workout regimen…


Thank you, thats actually something i never thought about. I’ll try to touch that up today in my bullpen. But your right this does sound very similar to what your son went through!


If you think about its been a little bit of everything. I partially tore my hamstring in the fall and during the time put on 15 pounds, ive had trouble losing that since then. Also i was doing the driveline throwing program but my coach is totally against it and wouldn’t let me continue it.


Gaining 15 lbs of “bad” weight since fall is a pretty substantial amount when you are talking about affecting your athletic performance, and is something that I would definitely expect to affect your pitching. Do you have any video of how you looked previously? I think it would be more related to that than anything mechanical. My guess is that you are less explosive and moving down the mound slower than when you were lighter and throwing harder. You may also be moving slower to protect your hamstring (subconsciously). Keep working hard on your fitness and add some flat ground run and gun throwing to try and get your acceleration back.


Thank you very much i will definitely work on that. And you may be right about the hamstring i think i do subconsciously baby it still. I’ll try to find some old video and upload it to.


Change Coaches. Driveline is a great program. Either change coaches, or make him look at the Research behind it. No point in a coach who won’t adapt to a better idea because “It’s against their ideology”. Kyle Boddy, the guy behind it, is an extraordinary baseball mind, and is better than 99% of the coaches out there.


I agree with your thought but it is not very practical in term of mid season.
Most coaches are not good, most are arrogant and insecure. Trying to find another school to play that embraces this sort of open approach will be tough.
Most players who are doing programs that are out of the ordinary…run poles, stretching, shoulder program only…are doing their work on their own…often having to hide it from their idiot coaches.


Midseason is definitely different, but if he’s against it offseason, then you should just hide it. You can do it all with a friend and a wall really, don’t really need a field that badly. It’s a great program though. Started it a couple weeks ago, and imo my mechanics already look more fluid.


Thanks for the responses. I love driveline and will resume it in the
summer. I tried to hide it but i didnt want to over do it with the throwing
we were already doing. Now that its in season amd velo is way down i may go
back to doing the drills and plyo ball throws in between starts. I move on
from my jc after the spring, so as i get offers i look for teams who follow
the program.