LHP Feedback


Note: I know this is only one angle, I’ll get a couple more on Sunday.
So try your best ;p

The biggest thing I see is not moving quickly enough after my leg kick. Looks a little slow to the plate after this point. I also open up my glove side on a few of the pitches, which is a little hard to see from this vantage point.


edit: wrote this in my log: disregard the dumb comments my teammates are making throughout 8)


that looks good to me. if you’re throwing strikes and changing speeds you should be throwing safely. if you want to look for more velocity you could try getting a bigger tilt and the hips farther in front of the shoulders and head to create room. if you can do this it may add to your velocity. if it doesn’t feel good after a couple weeks you can go back to what you’re doing, it is fine.


Yeah, a lot of my pitches were flat on Sunday.

I’ll try leading with my hip a bit more this weekend when I can film again.

Thanks DD



I agree with your own assessment about the lack of tempo.

I also think you need to work on the glove side. Your glove arm action is pulling you open too soon and I believe that is preventing you from getting all the way out over your front leg. The lack of tempo might also be contributing here. It sure looks like you pull your glove back and down to your hip. Try getting to “opposite and equal” at front foot plant and then transition to “swivel and stabilize” - swing the elbow in front of the torso and turn the glove over while firming up the glove arm and bring chest towards glove. Firming up the glove arm with the glove in front of your torso instead of to the side should help you stay closed longer. If it feels like you’re having to keep the glove up in front too long, well, that’s where the increased tempo thing comes into play. :wink: