LHP drill work mechanics videos


Have posted on here a couple times over the years. Just wanted to get some feedback from the forum here. Pretty easy to notice that I do not have a lot of lower half in the start of my delivery. After looking at this film myself and with my coach I have begun to really work on glute activation by “sitting down”.


You don’t have any lower half rotation and don’t use your legs at all to generate power, you are all arm and can’t control very well. You will never pitch at high speeds with that windup.


Canadian Lefty is throwing low 90’s. Might want to read his journal.


@pitcher1 this is a drill that works on the hip pinch and glute activation. I am merely breaking down what I want to work on to its simplest form which is starting from that position with the foot already elevated. From here I would try to blend this motion into my normal delivery through a series of progressions. What am I trying to control here? I am throwing a sand filled ball at a wall…


Ah yes my bad, then that is good, I assume these drills worked then?


I wouldn’t agree with you at all. He uses his back leg an ok amount and gets a little hip to shoulder seperation. Now obviously he can improve a lot but I wouldn’t be nearly that harsh.


Ha yes I agree, I was being overly critical on purpose, but it works for him, it was just a drill as he explained and now he’s hitting 94 (I think) so I’m in no position to comment.