LHP College Pitcher

I am done my second year of college ball in Canada. This video was taken of me with my summer team. I still am rather new to pitching. Please let me know anything you may notice. Thank you.

I am also a 6’6’’ LHP is college. I am going to be a sophomore. The only thing I would comment about is the same problem I have. As big guys we rely on our size rather than quickness. If you and I could combine speed and quickness with our size we’d be golden. So the only thing I’d comment about is staying back on your left leg and waiting to explode with rotational torque toward the plate.

Thank you for the comment.
So, do you think it is better to try and keep my weight back more or should I work on having a quicker stride to the plate? Do you know of any ways to work on this other than just throwing?