LHP and 1st-Baseman quest towards college ball

I am 18 years old and currently a rising junior (skipped a grade) at University of South Carolina. I’m 5’9" 175 lbs. I am currently playing in a summer dixie majors league. My goal is to walk-on the baseball team at my college; if I don’t make it, then I’m going to play club ball at the USC. The following will be my log/journal about my daily practices, workouts and improvements.

Today (May 10) was my first baseball practice since last summer. It’s a small summer league; we’ll get lucky if we have enough for two teams. But since school is still going on and some are still playing ball, only 3 people showed up to practice. So we mostly did batting practice in the cage and ended up throwing bullpen sessions to each other for batting practice; kill two birds with one stone, I guess. I lost count of pitches I threw but, overall, it felt really good pitching. I had been practicing throughout the year off and on, but everything was to a backstop. It felt good to do live pitching again.
My hitting was a little off since I haven’t hit a live ball in a long time; everything’s been off a tee since its hard for me to find someone to practice with off-season. I was getting on top of the ball a little too much but eventually adjusted and started driving the ball alot better. While one of the guys was pitching his bullpen session to me, I ended up lining one straight back at him and it hit him in the hip. He claims I hit it so hard that no one could’ve reacted to catch it or get out of the way fast enough. I don’t think I hit a single pop-up. I’ve adjusted my swing some to keep me from trying to lift the ball like I have in the past. Besides, I don’t really have enough power to be trying to hit the ball out every time.
My arm is obviously sore, but its a good sore. I threw ALOT today. I iced my elbow and shoulder when I got home and I am really tired. I missed playing and practicing. The teams haven’t been decided yet, so I obviously don’t know who I’m playing with or when my next practice is. Supposed to weightlift and maybe run some sprints tomorrow.

tell us a little more about yourself.

did you play in high school? how hard are you throwing now? Any idea what your chances of walking on might be?

I’m also 18 and will be trying to walk on to the UMD College Park team this coming year. Best of luck.

Well lets see…well I’ve been playing my whole life pretty much, but its mainly rec leagues. I didn’t play anything serious until my senior year at my high school (freshman thru junior year, I went to a school without a baseball team)…and I never even started because I was new and all the spots were taken on the field. Basically, I was good enough to be on the team, but not to start over the guys that had already been playing. So I rode the bench practically the whole season. My family could never afford travel, club, etc. ball or lessons of any sort, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage there too. I throw around 70 (its crap, I know). I love pitching, but its not my forte. I’m best at first base and outfield. If I walk on, it’d probably be like a utility/pinch-hitter off the bench type of player. But I am still working on my pitching. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get somewhere with that? I can play pretty much any position. But my main focus right now is to improve my hitting and running. Since I’m nowhere near big or strong enough to go up and hit dingers all day, I’m focusing on being more of a linedrive hitter and finding holes in the field.

Oh yeah, and I don’t really expect to make the team, but I am gonna work my tail off to disprove that. When I tried to walk-on my freshman year, Tanner (head coach) pretty much said I’m good at first base-now I just need to work on my hitting and running.