Lhp 85-88

hey guys hoping for some critism! fb was running 84-85 today… usually i can pop some 87s but been lagging lately as of yet… i notice my center of massing sinking down into my landing leg a little bit instead of up and over?


The only thing I can really pick up on is how quickly your weight begins moving forward, it’s almost as if its going towards home plate as soon as your foot is lifted. Typically, I would suggest keeping your weight back until you reach your balance point.

ok thank you!

was thinking it looks like im turning to throw a little early

nice pitching mechanics

only 1 thing,

as your tempo is quite fast

i hope everytime you pitch,
the release point and other mechanics have to be very similiar or same position

fast tempo pitchers when pitching hard, tend to have some differences in their release point and mechanics

conclusion: your mechanics have to consistent!!!

and your eyes!!! must keep on the catcher’s glove all the time like Cliff lee or Tim Lincecum

Only thing I can say is that try not to look at the ground. This is only because your delivery is so quick to the plate that it cant be easy to pick up the catcher after you look down. But besides that the only thing I can say is make sure you are consistent, since this is a clip of only one pitch there is no proof of consistency you know. Anyway your mechanics look solid, a little rushed, but I take forever to get to the plate haha.

I love your speed of movement to the plate - very explosive!

The issues I have are the following:

  1. Your back foot - you have it angled so that you are contacting the rubber with the foot closer to the toes rather than the entire side. I suspect you do this because it allows you to over-rotate your torso, which is also an issue.

  2. Another thing to point out with the back foot is that you raise your heel too early - you need to keep your entire foot rooted to the ground much longer and peel the foot off of the rubber from the side and then turn it down.

  3. Your back leg needs to get to near full extension just before you land. The leg should be extended at the hip, the knee, and the ankle with the foot turning straight down just before or at landing instead of flexing at the hip and throwing off of one leg.

  4. Your front foot needs to land further out in front of your front knee. Right now, notice how your knee is directly over your knee. Getting the foot out further will lengthen your stride and create more stability. I suspect a lot of this is a result of the previous faults I mentioned.

  5. Due to the over-rotation mentioned earlier, notice how your front foot spins out and turns to the right. Keep the torso and front foot sideways as long as possible and turn it just before landing.

These are all flaws that reduce velocity and affect control - fix them and you should hit 90 in no time!

hey doc thx and i have a question

is it how i drive to the plate or how i rotate the hips? i know the back hip is supposed to extend forward to plate which turnes the foot down… so im wondering if im flawed at hip rotation

It’s how you drive to the plate - just take each thing I mentioned and work on one thing at a time.

there’s a lot of stuff to read in that thread that will interest pretty much only you, so sorry if i give you something someone already said.

i would change that stand up position where you are pretty much starting from the stretch but turn it into an awkward wind up where you step to the side instead of backward.

i like the whole idea of moving from south to north as this will give you more momentum and help you stay on your plan the whole way to homeplate. there’s a lot that can go wrong when you step to the side, come back up, twist to the back and unfold in front. while standing with your shoulders parrallel to the plate, you step back and then forward will help you with your control and might as well add up to the velocity.

i always like to add a pitcher that i think has similar mechanics to my comment on mechanics because they sometimes help find out some things he does you dont and stuffs you do he dont and work on that.

i think you should look up for brandon morrow.

dear Drex

0.53 1.30 are good followthrough

2.03 0.09 are not as good as the one i mention before

because the foot, is not stable and the balance is off