LF or RF?

Where does the weakest kid on your youth team get the most defensive innings?

For me, it’s Left field. For most others, it’s Right field.

  1. there are not many good hitters in a typical line up. our league has continuous batting so everyone on the team bats, not just those on the field. More balls will end up in right field over the course of the game from hitters batting 6th through up to 15th.
  2. more hitters swing late or have long swings so more late swing line drives, which are hard to judge, go to right.
  3. throws from right field to third base are more common than throws from left field to first base. you want a better arm in right than in left.
  4. generally the SS has a better arm than the 2B so the SS can make up for some weakness in LF arm. You put the weakest arm in RF and relay to the 2B, who is usually weaker armed than the SS, and it compounds a bad situation.


Yep, left field. Too many guys hitting to the opposite field, behind runners, etc.

A lot depends on where the sun is the strongest.
I remember a story about an outfielder who was on his way to the ballpark. He passed a church and saw the minister emerge from the building. They exchanged pleasantries, and then the minister wanted to know how come he never saw the ballplayer in church. The outfielder wanted to know how come he never saw the minister at the ballpark. The minister replied that, well, they were in different fields, and the minister was in the right field. The ballplayer came back with "So am I—and ain’t the sun in your eyes something awful?"
They weren’t using sunglasses at the time, I guess.