Levi - 12U Update

A lot of hard work seems to be paying off. You’ve seen him at 9, 10, and 11. Here’s Levi at 12.

Front leg coming out after balance position over the rubber should not be pushing out to the side. It should drive straight to the catcher. Think of 3 eyeballs on the pitcher. One at hip, one at waist, one at rib. All 3 eyeballs need to look at the catcher they the delivery until the very last follow thru. Front leg here is opening far too soon. Good luck!

I’m sorry, but this is terrible. I can probably help you, but you will have to learn some physics. I teach people the Physics of Sports (or at least try to - as it’s up to them to learn). I’m Prof. Don R. Mueller, a physics professor who knows how to throw and swing with power.

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