Levi - 10U Update

Hi everyone. Since we can’t play, dad here trying to help Levi get better every week.

Please take a look at my boy and tell me if there’s anything be could be working on. Sorry the video is flipped. He’s a righty.

Hi stck2mlon

First off, I like the control you son has with his pitching. One of the things I would suggest working on is helping your son remove some slow movements and hesitations in the beginning of his delivery. The key to improvement is to tackle those faults that occur in the very beginning of the delivery. Fixing those faults can have a positive impact on fixing other faults that occur later in the delivery. So I will start at the beginning of his delivery.

As your son moves from his full windup into the beginning of his leg lift, he does a nice job of creating some bend in his back leg. This bend creates good proper weight shift and leg drive. Up to this point your son does a nice job with his back leg. The problem occurs as he continues his leg lift. As your son lifts his arms into leg lift, he also straightens his drive leg. Your son went from a nice bend in his back leg to straightening out his drive leg at the top of his leg lift.

Two things happen with this move. 1. It creates slower movements and hesitations. 2. It stops early weight shift.

As we move forward in the delivery to hand-break, your son’s drive leg shifts back into a nice angle as he sits into his delivery. So, what I am driving at is, high velocity pitchers use their lower half more effectively than low velocity pitchers. With your son’s hesitation or hitch (straightening out the drive leg) at peak leg lift, he is missing out on generating early momentum in his pitching delivery. The hesitation causes him to reset himself instead of generating good continuous ground force to his target.

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Steve C

Thank you Steve for the great analysis. That’s great stuff.

Can you think of a drill that can help this or is more just me monitoring the leg and repetition?


We have been working hard. What do you think?

Hi stck2mlon

Love all of the hard work especially with a 10 year old. He is starting to clean up the hitch he had from the last video. Here are some issues I still see.

  1. Out of hand break, Levi crunches or brings his chest down to the ground
  2. As Levi drives down the mound, he opens his lead foot creating early rotation. He should concentrate on keeping closed for as long as he can. He should think about showing a little bit of the bottom of his foot to the catcher
  3. Lack of early momentum out of leg lift

First image is of Levi and some of the things I mentioned above.


The video analysis below (only watch first 1:45) will better explain much more then what I can put in writing. It can be confusing. Love visuals

Rear View Pitching Analysis

Finally, Levi needs some drills to help him along. I recommend following the drills from the video below

Tips for Learning the Feelfor Leading with Loaded Hips

Hope this helps and gives you guys some guidance moving forward

Any questions please let me know. Feel free to send video.

Steve C

Thanks Steve! These are great. He’s in season now and having a lot of fun. It’s always more fun when you can eat innings. I will continue to work with him and keep posting!