Leveling the playing field finally

AAAaaaahhhhhhhhh… a Blazing Saddles fan! Now we’re getting somewhere!!! :dizzy:

Trying to level the playing field a little, looks like it is mainly a cultural problem with how the country is allowing it’s citizens to be treated. Welcome to the 3rd world.

Yep the culture of illegal drug use will get you every time eventually. Treating a deficient playing ability with Steroids is a quick way to a early death. Leveling the playing field one way or the other. Wonder where the parents of these youngsters are? Why have kids if you are not responsible enough to demonstrate right from wrong? Don’t believe a government can teach that. Maybe their parents are dead and the manager of the camp is all they have? Who knows, maybe the culture of the country has looked the other way as did MLB for years? It’s hard to fault a kid who has lived dirt poor and is trying to make something of himself so he can support 15 relatives. The root of the problem is don’t have any kids if you cant afford to raise them. The US has the same problem except the “culture” is one of rewarding Mamma for birthing a full baseball squad. Free Lunch, Free rent, Free Obama cell phone (with Bluetooth), free Dental, free education, free Energy, Free Medical coverage, free spending money and don’t forget free prescription drugs. I imagine free pitching/hitting lessons will soon be required via legislation. The more the merrier as long as they can eventually vote the right way.

The kids are the victims no doubt. In Sosa’s bio he talks about his glove being composed of shoe string and milk carton…we can’t even imagine what these kids or their parents face. Now the professionals who run the academy’s ought to be held accountable…but that will happen when the scum in Thailand is held accountable for the horrible crimes against children…just about never.