Letter to college coach

what should i include in a letter to a college coach to get recruited. i am at a juco and want to move onto a 4 year school for next year.

You can send an introductory letter with biographical information and statistical information to the college coaches of your choice asking for further information on their program. Practically speaking I’d keep it short. Perhaps you might get an invitation to workout. However, after your sophomore year in a juco I would think your head coach or someone on the staff might be able to guide you in the right direction and maybe make some contacts for you. Certainly DII and DIII programs in the area should know something about you or the program you are coming from. If you aren’t getting any help, then you’ll have to do it yourself with a little salesmanship. Letters are a nice start but someway somehow you have to get yourself in front of them and show them you belong. There’s always the unrecruited walk on.