LetsTalkPitching.com Youtube Demo


This is a demo version of the LetsTalkPitching.com commercial I made. If you have anything I should add just let me know so I can add it in. Peace Out

Makes ya proud to be a part! :wink:

That’s awesome, dude… I mean Kaz!

What do you guys think?

Good but I needed a litlte more time to read each thing. I"m a fast reader too. If your going to try and perfect it give it some more time inbetween. Make the person watching it get anxious to see the next slide. It is an interesting concept this website, free mechanical analysis and all that.

thanks for advice. I wasn’t sure if it was enough time in between slides. I know I can read it no problem but maybe some can’t

Yeah well its always good to get more than one opinion. You know what the slides say enabling you to read them faster.

I really like what you’ve done Kaz…

I’d replace the word “Ran” with the word “Created” in the slide “Ran by Former Pro Steven Ellis”

Other than that nice :idea:

Heck, take me right out if you want, kaz. You and the admins are all are what make this place so special. Not me!

i think its awesome kaz!

Tight! more pitchin buds soon!