Let's Talk Pitching HOF nominees for September?

Have any members you’d like to nominate for the September 2010 induction to the Let’s Talk Pitching Hall of Fame? Send me a PM… Of course, any member with 1,500 posts is automatically inducted to our exclusive club :slight_smile:

LankyLefty if he isn’t already in it. Also possibly buwhite.

Me! nah im jus kidding. i only joined 5 days ago. but hey ive already got college rank.

but seriously i think you should go with buwhite. since i joined (5 days ago) ive seen him on every day. hes got a lot of post too. or like beaver said. lanky lfty would be good too.

my vote goes too… Buwhite!

I think that this nomination goes to Dino, a quality poster.

Dino hasnt made it yet?!?!?!?!

I go for DINO!!!

Dino, LankyLefty. I think Buwhite is an up-and-comer and will worthy very soon.

Dino for sure.

Dino!!! Thanks for thinking of us.

I think Coach Baker just crossed the 1500 post mark…congrats and thanks for the comments Coach B.