Let's Take Pitching to The Next Level!

Think of how your command of every pitch you throw would develop if you could actually see the strike zone you’re throwing at. Think of how many people are visual learners, especially youth players. We have never shown them anything more than a 2 dimensional hole behind the strike zone- UNTIL NOW!

3DKZONE allows a pitcher to pinpoint pitches and gives instant feedback on the actual location of a pitch IN THE STRIKE ZONE. Anyone who is serious about pitching at the next level needs a 3DKZONE.

By the way the guy in the video is me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new way to revolutionize pitching and conceptualize the strike zone. The hundreds of pitchers that I have worked with ranging from 6 years old to 30 years old have experienced such noticeable improvement from working with the 3DKZONE- The first time using it on average people can only throw 3 or 4 pitches out of 10 for strikes. This has changed in so many pitchers to 7 or 8 out of 10 pitches for strikes. The results speak for themselves.

This post is nothing more than an egregious example of using the LTP forum for free advertising purposes.

I posted this because I truly believe it helps pitchers- I am a pitching instructor and I see the results in my kids- I’m trying to expose people to new methods of training that’s all- and most importantly- it isn’t my product I gain nothing from it- kids could though :o

Those little white dots … do they actually hang there in air for the player to see?

Train’g aid or gimmick, you’ll find little comfort from advertising this product on a web site devoted to education, instead of promotion.

There are better channels to go through then the one(s) you used. PM Steven Ellis and he can direct your energy better, not to mention adding a lot more credibility.

Coach B.

The little white dots are from using Dartfish software. It’s a special way of tracking pitches called Stromotion and they don’t hang in the air like flying saucers. Cut the guy some slack he’s sharing something you haven’t seen before. Most people don’t realize the strike zone is actually three dimensional. When a 12 to 6 curveball comes through the top of the strike zone instead of the front, it’s a great strike. :smiley:

No, Coach Baker is right. This site prohibits the advertising of products in the discussion forums. If you want to pay for an ad, contact Steven.