Let's Sell Peanuts


I was reminded of the hassle that I got involved with when helping our club expand our revenue take. Strangely enough, peanuts were not on the list of “hustle eats” as we called it. What followed the obvious … "hey, why don’t we hustle peanuts along with all the other stuff?"
If your part of a committee or group trying to raise money during your games, perhaps you can benefit from my experience.
By chance, I was fortunate enough to listen to my Mrs. on this one - being that we have legal folks in our family. Here’s what I ran into:

  • Some people have allergies to peanuts and if they have a reaction while at the stadium/game, a lawsuit could result.
  • Peanut shells on a concrete floor are a source of slippery conditions and with large numbers of fans leaving the stadium, few if any would actually be concerned with being careful while walking on, and over, a floor covered in peanut shells. A slip and fall could start a lawsuit.
  • If a peanut fell into a beverage cup, and the fan didn’t see the peanut, swallowing a peanut without realizing it, could result in choking, thus resulting in a potential lawsuit.
  • Fans who become troublemakers by tossing peanuts at other fans could result in disorderly conduct, thus resulting in a potential lawsuit.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I, for one, saw nothing worth while in any situation that was brought up. It was like … picking the fly poop out of the pepper…and that kind of wringing of the hands and worrying about nothing. But, lawyers have a way of bringing up the craziest stuff sometimes. So we ended up with cotton candy. Now if this was a sure bet that even a Philadelphia lawyer couldn’t fin fault with … doesn’t a kid get a bee stuck in his cotton candy, takes a bite right where buzzy is stuck, gets stung in the roof of his mouth lip, and here we go again!

We finally came to the conclusion to hire vendors for all vittles being offered. We didn’t make as much revenue, but at least it kept the lawyers happy. (remember when this was just a game - I don’t.)