Let's be carefull out there

I recently posted some considerations that should be taken when using pitching machines.

An experience that’s closely related to that was my experience with an electric tennis ball server.

A tennis ball server was used ONCE by a group of guys on a club I was with … much to their surprise… and the darn thing nearly beart the stuffens out them.

At the time, there was a campus not far from a field our club was using and they had some tennis courts. Thy also had a women’s tennis team that just happen to hit a ball or two into our outfield.

our guys, being the gentlemen that they were, would toss the balls back and then hang around the fences until their coach had them do otherwise.

Our pitching machines were being serviced so we did a spell of other stuff when one of our brightlights got the idea to barrow the tennis ball server for BP. Somehow they got a machine and a bunch of tennis balls. Well, let the games begin!!!

The machine they got had multiply settings for speed and repetitive serves. So after fooling around with the thing, those little yellow balls were traveling at warp speed and coming in at two second intervals. It was pretty funny from what I gathered… until the wind started kicking up and so did the ramdom direction of each yellow bullet.

THHUMP…THHUMP…THHUMP… and three guys got knuckled off the legs,
ribs, side of the helmet, a few rounds went into the stands, then down the dugout walkway to the lockers, then a groupskeepers golf card caught one of the extension cords… which knocked the machine over… still spitt’n balls up in the air… into the parking lot, then a pack of dogs got onto the field somehow and had a field day chasing and chewing up some pretty expensive practice tennis balls.

Our club ended up paying for that machine, the balls and some other expenese I’d rather not get in to. However, it wasn’t a totall loss, one of our coaches made a formal visit to hand over the check to the women’s tennis team… they struck up a conversation… which ended up a dinner… which ended up an engagement ring two years later.

SO… let’s be careful out there.

That’s hilarious how that worked out.

Both that coach and I moved on… as is the case, never touchd base with him after that.

As far as being hilarious, yeah it was kind of funny… especially to our bookkeeper who made out the check. She also did payroll and other stuff. The only awkward part of that side of the experience was having to visit her office to turn in expenses or get a check. She was right next door the the GM who didn’t find the event one bit funny. So, neeless to say… the coacing staff drew straws, did one-patata-two-patata, enie=miniee-mynee-moe… anytime something had to go to her via hand carry,
She’d see one of us coming… then start to giggle… then a giggle and a snort, then a fully blown laugh that would roll up the blinds and shake the windows. All of this of course didn’t go by the attention of the big guy.

So again, I say … let’s be carefull out there.