Let Pitcher SEE the Signal

Does your pitcher have problems SEEING your signals? Does your pitcher stare and stare trying to SEE?

Here’s a quick and easy way to project your signal without giving it away to the base coaches or the runners on base.

Coat the finger nails with an office supply product called Liquid Paper or another such office product called White Out. Just be sure to test the stuff on a small area of say … your pinkie finger or something like that. If you have no reaction to it (some players do) then your fingers will appear bright and clear to the pitcher.

The stuff can be purchased at just about any office supply place like Staples or other such stores.

Coach B.

Also, keeping your upper body upright instead of hunching forward will let in more light to reduce the shadows around your hand.

I had a catcher actually tell me this once when I suggested using this stuff:

" Ah coach, won’t that stuff come off every time I take my mitt off?" :roll:


Roger’s advice was a good one too.

And for you catchers that get tired into the later innings and your back gets a little sore try this.
Use the back supports like you see those people in Home Depot or other hardware stores using. These things look like suspenders with a large elastic waist band that has a Velcro fastening strip in the front.

I’ve known catchers who go through an entire game with those under their uniform top, then when they leave the plate, they’ll slip it off. During later innings the thing can give just enough back support so you can stay not only upright, but your posture is a bit more comfortable.

Coach B.

Some catchers have to wrap white tape around their fingers to enable the pitcher to see them, because their fingers are so short and/or stubby. Yogi Berra was one such. 8)

our catchers use white out and also paint finger nails. works good.

One of my old catchers did that, too.

No thanks on the white out… But I’ll help the pitcher out.

Whoaaa!!! I just got that!!!
One of my old catchers did that, too.[/size]

Coach B.