Let me just say

Yesterday We played a game and was winning 9-6 going to the last inning. The coach brought in my son to finish the game. 3 infield errors, 2 hits, 1 BB, and 1 IBB later, it was 9-9, 3-2 count with bases loaded and I wanted to vomit! We struck the kid out to go to a shootout. I went and told my son great job and his hand would not stop shaking. He said, Daddy, I was praying the whole time. We scored 4 and he pitched the last inning w/no problems. What a game. Just wanted to share. Thanks.

P.S. Our defense stinks. It was terrible the entire weekend. Infield and outfield. We practice defense all the time. Any suggestions?

Practice Defense more, you could be like my sons team and only practice bunt defense all last week, btw we haven’t seen a bunt yet in 10 games yet.

Pitchers have to get through errors, they also can’t change their game to try and get more strike outs (this is what my son has done sometimes), defenses need to work, they need balls in play, the more they get, the better they play.

I was a little disappointed this weekend too because my son who gets ground balls usually, ended up with 10 K’s in 6 IP, 1E and 1 Unearned run this weekend and I would have liked to see it the other way, more defensive outs, well the 2 weeks before he had 2 IP, 5 K’s and 9 E’s in those 2 innings for a total of 5 unearned runs, no decision, first you can’t do that at 14U AAA/MAjor and second it did impact how he pitched this weekend.

Defenses will get better and as long as he is doing what he is supposed to do then he needs to keep doing it, keep his head on level and keep throwing.

My 9yr old son had a rough outing yesterday. we(coaches) thought we were set up for a final game of round robin to take it all. My son (9years old) is our most experienced pitcher had a rough first inning but were only down 1 to 0 after 1. The opposing team hit some shots and we did not make any plays but we did get out of the inning. He threw 26 pitches to get thru 1. The wheels came off the next inning. At least 5 errors on easy plays, 5 hard hit balls and a pitcher that lost confidence.The end of the inning finally came whit the score 6 to 0 and my son pouting and in a bad mental state after a 44 pitch inning.(now at 70 pitches) He then was up first to hit and the disaster continued.
The next inning he pitched stronger and they went 3u3d for 11 pitches. total 81. The coach and I had the 85 pitch total limit and we knew that was it.

I want to find ways to improve my sons mental strength so he can weather the storm and loose the pouting. He is a sensitive boy and I know yelling at him does not work. He …We need advice on how to get thru the tough times

85 pitches in a game is a lot for a 9 year old. That’s close to what fully developed Major League pitchers throw in a game.

Don’t know what league you’re in, but our Little League (following Little League of America rules) allows 9 year olds to throw 75 in a game; but I don’t - I start pulling my 9 year old son (and other 9 year olds) after they reach 50 in a game.

I keep in mind that the medical research from ASMI on which the Little League pitch counts are based actually recommended fewer pitches with more days of rest than what Little League actually adopted and allows (e.g., ASMI recommends 50 pitches per game for 9 year olds, Little League allows 75).

85 is a lot, once I was aware of pitch counts etc, my kids were at 70 pitches max for a weekend till they were 10. Then 85 till they were 12. 100 thill they were 14 and then 120 till they play highshcool. So 85 is quite high for 9U, you want him to have an arm in high school don’t you.

To be mentally tough enough to get through those innings you need to take it one pitch at a time, know what you want to pitch (at 9 should be fb or change right). Get ahead, stay ahead and at some point the pitcher needs to try a little harder to get a strike out.