I just wanted to let you all know tht hiring the pitchin coach has proven to be the best play of the season. My son is steadily showing improvement and is regaining his over all confidence, and most importantly his love for the game. For any parent that maybe isn’t sure or doesn’t know so much about pitching - I would recommend tht you consider hiring out and finding a good over all coach. He is now able to workon his mechanics with someone that knows, first hand and they work together at all elements of the game. Over all, my son’s entire game is improving and once again, he’s out there having a good time and loving it, pushing and challenging himself.
One of the bigger disappointments is that one of our teams pitchers is having a lot of trouble and pain in his arm- that I suspect is from throwing the curve ball- so young and too often- Twleve! TWelve? Twelve is too young to have that kind of pain, don’t cha think?
Anyway what started off to be such a tuff season has actually come back around with all it’s own rewards- in the lessons my son has learned about keeping the wrong things out of his head. Personal lessons about working hard and not giving up on bigger better dreams.

Getting a pitching coach is the best investment a pitcher can make. Ive had one since i was 9 yrs old and ill tell ya it help me more than anything. Now that im in college when im on the mound and start struggling correcting it is second nature to me. Im able to figure out the problem right away and fix so if your serious about pitching getting an instructor is a must!! also having someone help you with your mechanics is gonna save your arm for many yrs to come.

Curveballs at twelve will cause pain. Most of the time kids learn the wrong motion, with big time wrist snapping. Then their parents are confused and angry when their kid is never able to pitch normally again. I am kind of surprised that leagues have backed off of the curveball issue. I can still remember that our little league instituted a no curveball rule. If the pitcher threw a curve, slider, etc. he would receive a warning from the umpire. If the pitcher continued to throw curves, he would not be allowed to pitch. That forced coaches to actually teach kids how to pitch to all parts of the plate, and how to change speeds.

I will pull my pitchers if they won’t stop throwing curves or sliders (on purpose or accidentally).

its crazy when you see these kids on tv in the little world series throwing curveball after curveball. i guess thats why u dont hear to much about them later on in there career.