Do you think it is worth getting proffession lessons is worth the money?

Hi fellow:
Yes , I think getting baseball training from a professional would be definately worth the money. If you can find one your parents can afford. Some are so high priced I doubt middle class kids & parents could pay the price.

As I recall you said you were a sophmore. Yes it could be a real help, particularly in the area of mechanics. To reach your highest potential velocity with the lowest chance of injury, it would be helpful to get professional eyes on your motion. It doesn’t mean you have to sign on for life, you could have great mechs and need little tweaking, so it would be worth at least looking into what your area has to offer as far as professional instruction.

The following three video clips show an 8th grade rookie pitcher getting a professional lesson on the pre-load stretch delivery.

Below is a video in slow motion of the rookie’s delivery after several lessons.

I’m currently getting lessons and my mechanics have improved a lot and my volocity has gone way up. My parents can afford it.
jdfromfla I’m a freshman.

Thats great to hear, make sure you keep up the hard work.