Lessons for a thirty-something pitcher?

Would lessons be an advantage to a pitcher that was away from the game for 17 years before returning at the age of 35? I play in an adult baseball league in Iowa ages 25+. I wasn’t the best player in high school but I’m a better listener now and have learned a ton from this web site. I’m trying to make up for lots of lost time.

I see no reason not to seek pitching lessons if you want to get back into pitching. Depending on what you’ve been doing - or, more importantly, not doing - in your time away from baseball, I could see flexibility and strength being an issue. Both of these are necessary to perform pitching mechanics well regardless of whose mechanics you choose to follow.

I agree totally, strength and flexiblity. I would try and establish a solid set of mechanics and work from that. Then move to hitting your spots, then if you already haven’t develop mabey a decent curveball, or a splitter. Just try to catch up on the little things that you have missed out on, or became rusty over the years. It’s not to late to try now. It’s better if you try now than in another 5 or 6 years because that’s 5-6 years you missed out on. You still have a good chance at sucess untill your early 40’s. Thats when most major leaguers hang it up. Their body doesn’t allow them to go on. Hope you do well and have a ton of sucess. I love watching people pitch especially those who are sucessful.