Lengthening stride...the right way


I use to post here alot but not so much anymore now that im more recovered from my surgery a year ago. finding my mechanics again has helped me figure out quick fixes in my delivery problems, ill share one of those now.

I would always hear about stride length needing to be farther(especially mine) but every time i would try id be out of control and velocity would go up and down. this also might help a question i hear alot and use to ask alot “why cant i translate my flatground to the mound?”.

My problem was i would try to set my length before trying to throw. meaning if i wanted to lengthen my stride i would think, “ok i have to land 1 foot plant further”, then i would try and shoot for that distance. the problem is its not your body’s perfect length. The reason most people(like me) throw great on flatground and have problems off the mound is because of the dip. Throwing flatground, when you land you remain balanced theres no suprise as in even a inch dip in the ground. Throwing off a mound i found myself trying to find my plant spot as my starting point to the throw(landing then throwing to get better balance). the dip you experience off the mound is what(for me at least) throws the balance off. striding out and falling maybe even a half inch into place breaks up the kinetic chain. Once you land your body has to reorganize, like hitting a divit in the road.

The fix: if your looking to lengthen stride and get the most out of the delivery you need to pull with your front foot. If you continuously pull to home with your front foot theres no dip its a constant flow in a forward direction until your foot lands on its own. so now that inch dip from trying to land in place turns into your foot cruising past that dip like an airplane landing. this keeps the body flow moving in one place, no stopping and no lil bump in the road.

Its a small fix with great results i have to constantly remind myself or ill start pushing with my back foot and once that happens my velocity drops along with control. when doing this always start with just a slow throw off the mound then as you go on pull closer and closer trying to stay as stable as possible…

Hope this helps anyone with the same problems. leave me some feedback and leme know if it works for you.