Legal or not?

What’s the rule on this one?

  1. The pitcher needs to throw the way he starts at the at bat?
  2. The batter needs to bat at the side he starts the at bat?
  3. Both have to stay at the side they begin the at bat?

Anyway, this IS kinda funny :slight_smile:

NFHS (high school) 6-1-1: “…If a pitcher is ambidextrous, the umpire shall require the pitcher to face a batter as either a left-handed pitcher or right-handed pitcher, but not both.”

As far as I know, OBR (MLB) does not have a specific rule regarding ambidextrous pitchers. However, I think that NFHS has it right in making the pitcher choose at the beginning of the at bat which way to throw.

A batter can switch sides at any time during the at-bat.

A batter can switch sides at any time during the at-bat.

Once the pitcher stands on the rubber, the batter can not switch from one box to the other - if he does, he’s out. (MLB)

This is for the batter’s own protection and reduces the possibility(s) of being hit by a pitch.

Coach B.

I never knew I just thought you could switch whenever you wanted. Thanks for clearing that up though.

MLB just created a rule for this case. The pitcher must give the HPU an indication of which hand he will start with. After that, both the pitcher and he batter may switch no more than once per pitch.

That is, if I heard things correctly on ESPN.

the batter is the last one to decide?
The one with the slight advantage…

Watched this movie and it was just so confusing.
Now this pitcher is playing in the MLB (or MiLB) with the yankees these kind of events will appear more often.

Isn’t this a real shame though?

If a pitcher is good enough to pitch with both arms, shouldn’t the hitter have to choose which side he wants to hit from? It’s rare to see switch hitters, but it’s even more rare to see a pitcher use both arms.

The ruling basically is that the batter gains the advantage and can choose which side of the plate he will bat from after the pitcher indicates which arm he will throw with.

Past that they can switch after every pitch if they want.

Seems to me that the HPU won’t put the ball in play until the batter is in the box and ready. At that point, the pitcher need not be on the rubber yet so I’m thinking he should still have the option to switch at that point.

5.11 After the ball is dead, play shall be resumed when the pitcher takes his place on the pitcher’s plate with a new ball or the same ball in his possession and the plate umpire calls “Play.” The plate umpire shall call “Play” as soon as the pitcher takes his place on his plate with the ball in his possession.

Thanks for that clarification. What I see happen more often than not is the pitcher is on the rubber ready to go while the HPU is holding him up because the batter has a foot out of the box to take a sign. Once the batter steps back in the box then the HPU signals play. That probably skewed my thinking about what the rule really is.

I think you bean the guy just for giggles and use whatever hand you want, that will stop all that bull. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do that