Legal glove?


Would this be a legal pitching glove in highschool- I dont really understand the color rules ive heard u can only have one color on the glove. Thanks!


From what I understand from my son who pitched in HS 3 years ago, he told me this would be a legal glove. He said as long as the glove wasn’t gray or white it was OK. This was 3 years ago. Check with the HS coach or AD for possible updated rules.


A pitcher’s glove is usually, and commonly referred to as a 12 inch glove. This measurement is normally obtained by taking a tape measure and starting at the first finger - the index finger, and running the tape measure down to the end of the glove that sits on the bottom of the hand at the wrist, or what’s called the heel of the glove.

Why so much concern with the color?

A long time ago, there was a thing with stark white sleeves and similar appointments on a pitcher’s jersey of the pitching arm, that gave the batter a real problem picking up the incoming ball, by sight. Hence, that’s why today, you’ll notice the backdrop behind a pitcher - in the center of the outfield, to be black or similar drab. Thus the ball is not only easier to pickup by sight, but it makes the entire batting experience a lot safer for the batter.

Now as far as a glove is concerned, the same color background logic applies. Pitchers have a tendency to extend their glove arm stretched out towards the batter, and even those that are more compact, offer a poor backdrop against the ball in flight.

By the way, there’s another reason for the drab color with the pitcher’s glove, and that has to do with distractions on the batter. Now this may seem like picking the fly poop out of the pepper, but the batter and pitcher confrontation is as much mental as it is physical. Sometimes the littlest thing can draw an objection.
Short story here::::
I had a pitcher who had an argument with his girlfriend, before a night game, He took to the field with spikes covered with sparkles. Not only that but his protective cup had a few sparkles supper glued on to boot. It got completely by me, being that I was occupied with other duties. As soon as our man took the bump, out came the other manager and protested the “batter’s distraction”… I get a nudge from our batting coach… along with a " you better pay attention to this…" as he pointed out to the debate at home plate. I ran out and when our pitcher was asked… “what’s this?”, his explanation had everyone laughing at the poor guy. The subject was dropped and on with the show.

So to answer your question about the glove …. just let me add… let’s be careful out there upsetting the ladies… OK?


You didnt answer my question lol


Funny story tho lol


I wouldn’t find a problem with the glove in your picture. In fact, the amateur games that I’ve attended, this very glove and those close to it, were a common item with pitchers.
Now if a coach, or even an umpire, wanted to be a Shineola about it - I’m sure he/she/they would point out something. But again, I see nothing wrong with the color pattern on the glove.


The glove should be okay… Rule states not White or Gray or lighter than the color series 14 (whatever that is). Although there is clause about “In the judgement of the Umpire” if a glove is deemed “Distracting”… I have an inexpensive Rawlings that’s all black to use while pitching, that way I don’t need to worry about it.


I’m my interpretation, it’s a legal glove for pitching. It certainly doesn’t violate any of the PANTONE color rule specifications for a pitcher’s glove on either the piping or the welting. The catchy part is the “distracting in any manner” condition in the rule. Ultimately, that’s the umpire’s decision, not the batters’ or the opposing coaches’. In this case, I’d allow the glove if an objection was raised.