Leg Workouts

What is the best way to improve calf/quads in time for the season?

squats, 'nuff said

I will generally do squats and calf presses but I also like to run/jog on the treadmill as well.

Squats and power lifts can be beneficial, but just be smart about form! The running generally won’t help with either leg strength or calf muscles, but it’s certainly good for building up your body’s aerobic (long distance runs) and anaerobic (sprints) capacity.

Lunges and squats is what you need.



The second link is great, ton of workouts for the hips…then there is a link at the bottom Thighs which gives you a lot of workouts for the quads and hamstrings.

Also its important to keep your lower back strong. Doing Deadlifts and Hyperextensions (back extentions) are great for the lower back.

I went many years without working this part of my body while doing everything else. Once I started getting it in shape and strong is when my power skyrocketed.

I am a definite believer in the “you are only as strong as your weakest link”

If you look at the pic of the Erector Spinae aka "lower back"
http://www.exrx.net/Muscles/ErectorSpinae.html you can see how important it is…it’s starts from the pelvis all the way up to the kneck.