Leg workout

anyone got a good leg workout that you could post here? thanks

Leg Circuit
20x40x60 (yards)
-Forward and backward lunges
-Frog Hops
-Shuffles(keep butt parrallel to ground w/straight back)
If you don’t how to do any of these then ask. And these are just a very very small amount of things you can do. Many of the other guys will give you other great things you can do. Goodluck

bodyweight squats
Hindu squats
reaching lunges
side lunges
split jumps
jump squats
leg lifts
"six inches"
single-leg scissor leg lifts
scissor leg lifts
leg swings (gotta do a lot of these to feel the burn)

My leg routine is built around one workout, 20 rep squats. It is by far both my favorite and the hardest thing I do in the gym. 20 reps with about 90% of your max weight is absolutely hell on earth. Takes upwards of 5 minutes to complete, 10 reps in your dead tired, 12 your gasping for breath, 15 your arms have gone numb and blood is pounding through your head like nothing you’ve ever felt. Its the most intense thing to do, and trust me, your strenth will go up.

My leg routine consits of 3 sets of 10-12 squats. Leg extensions as well as single leg squats. Then I do back and forward lunges as well as band exercies where you strap huge bands on your shoulders and jump as high as you can. usually 3 sets of 30 sec intervals. i do these tues. and fri.

in my opinion, max effort leg work is the way to go. none of the reps in the 8-12 range. Your not going to build vital explosiveness for pitching in these workouts, but you will possibly have thighs that look like arnold’s during his steroid use.

I do all my leg routines in a 10-8-6 style. increasing weight each time. My Workouts consists of

Leg extensions
leg curls
leg presses

im gona start getting into lunges and that stuff also.

the key is lots of stretching to stay flexible.