Leg Stride and Control

I’ve been throwing high lately when I pitch. If I used a longer stride or a higher leg kick do you think I would Bring the ball down? If not what should I try?

Higher leg kick usually attributes to a longer stride which usually helps to bring the ball down into the zone.

what i do when i warm up b4 a game after a couple of pitches i dig a hole where my front foot lands that helps bring it down a little

Nice post bower you are 100% correct. That long stride will help you bring the early release point to where it should be

A long stride is not a solution for everything, particularly getting the ball down in the zone. In fact it could work just the opposite where a pitcher is overstriding and pushing the ball to the plate. Some guys will shorten their stride in order to get on top of the ball better.

If he strides the right way and get’s his center of gravity going towards the plate sooner then it will make a longer stride and the ball will come down in the zone.

Release point is dictated by one’s mechanics and timing. Do things well and the release point will occur out front where it should. Mess up (especially your posture) and the release point will often pull back and raise up. A long stride by itself isn’t a guarantee that the release point will happen where it should. You’ve got to put it all together. But if there is one thing to definitely look at, I would say it is your posture through your delivery and into release.

How do I get my center of gravity to go to the plate sooner? What does that mean? Because I went out today to throw and to fix the high throwing I just turned my hip a bit more when I lifted my leg. It seems like I lost a little speed but I’m more low in the zone with my pitches.