Leg Strengthening

hey guys whats up. I have been doing lots of medicine ball work monday,wednesday, and friday. And my fastball velocity has improved. Before i was hitting about 77-80mph consistently. Now i am hitting 78-81mph consistenly. So its alot better. I want to ask a question about my leg strengthening. I am going to do this monday and thursday.
My question: I do walking lunges with 150lbs. 110pound dumbells and 40lbs in a backpack. Then i do calf raises as well. I only do these once. I was wondering if i can do 3 sets of them maybe with like 5minute rest in between. Or should i only do them once. Anyone know another exercise for legs as well that don’t require a machine.


It’s hard as hell.

Use your dumbells for the speed squat.

ya also i don’t like using a bench and doing squats. Just for the fact that even when i put 50pounds on my neck it hurts. I just don’t like doing squats with a bar. i don’ tlike doing anything that requires using a bench bar over my head. Is this okay or not.

I usually just use dumbells and do squats as well.

Sorry to be this blunt, but get over it. If you actually want to get somewhere (in not just baseball but life) then there are going to be moments where you have to do things that hurt or just arent that fun.

It’s your choice: the pain of sacrifice vs. the pain of regret

Make sure the bar is placed correctly on your traps.

ya i know dude. But do i risk pain and a chance of becoming injured.

Because seriously 50lbs hurts my neck. My legs are pretty strong. In order for be to even make them work i would have to probaly put about 175-200lbs on them. If 50lbs hurts what do you think 200lbs is going to do. LIke screw up my neck or what. Also i am doing this only by myself. I don’t have the luxury of having a personal trainer helping me or anything. So ya.

Anyone know any exercises. I looked at that exercises 7college. It looks alright but do you use heavy weights or just 50 pounds over your head and do squats and lunches. is that it. I want my legs to get stronger before condtitoned.

You have way more risk of being injured by putting that much weight in a back pack than you would from squatting.

Squatting is almost essential to any baseball player.

how do you properly squat though.do u put the bar on your trapezoids then u add the weight or do i add the weight then lift the bar oiver my head.
i can squat probaly 175 lbs. but theres no way i can lift it over my head bymeslf.

so ya how do u properly squat

u need a squat rack, you place the weight on the bar, step under and put the bar on your back, pick up the weight and then take a step back and begin to squat. you never need to put the weight over your head because that would be insane and would lead to injury without a doubt.

There are ways to squat other than your traditional squat.

for how to safe squat

also make sure there is some sort of padding on your neck. If you don’t have that i can see why it hurts your neck.