Leg strengthening

sorry i don’t know if this has been answered yet in my other posts. But i want to gain velocity. Perferably 5mph. i want to hit about 83mph-85mph by at least the end of MAY.

I know you gain your velocity in the offseason. But i still got a few more weeks till the season starts. how many times a week should i strengthen my legs. AND can i use heavy weights. LIke 180 pounds for squats, lunges, and calf raises. Will this increase my velocity or will it tear down my fast twitch muscles. Need help please. I would also want to continue to use heavy weights throughout the baseball season. is this smart or not. i just want to gain my velocity. i dont’ want to maintain it. I want to get faster.

can i run sprints as well every single day. And how many should i run, how far. Honestly i don’t care how fast i run i just want it to increase my pitching velocity. So sorry if this was in a different post or not. but could someone please answer both questions please.

In the fall/winter i squatted 3 times a week. I went from a max squat of 350 to 515. I threw the hardest I have ever thrown after this time in a tryout.

Just my personal experience.

geez dude calm down.

Start reading over at ericcressey.com, higher-faster-sports.com and danblewett.com

you’re going to get gains in velocity from sticking to a well structured total body strength program, not from just 2-4 weeks of lower body lifting.

You don’t have much time left to build strength, which i know isn’t what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. Focus on yoru season, try to throw the ball hard consistently, do your rotator cuff work and you will probably pick up a couple mph by the end of the season but the real gains come in the offseason from total body strength, weighted ball/long toss, etc.

so ya dude. Your saying that doing long toss:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Plus leg strengthening Monday and Friday won’t help. Plus core work tuesday and thursday. This won’t increase my velocity like 5-7mph over the course of May, June, July, August. I find that hard to believe. Because every year i am a little slower at the start of the season. But this season i started out at 80mph. So i at least thought i might be able to touch 85mph. We got practice tuesday and thursday usually.

If you are planning on being 100% physically prepared for each of your games, then that plan is atrocious. proper long toss and lifting as is needed for velocity development requires that you stress the body beyond what it can handle to create an adaptive response. in season the best you can do is maintain unless you are on a set 5 day rotation or something like that. but max long toss 3x week and heavy lifting will leave you unprepared for competition, which should be your focus in season.

but sounds like you already know exactly what will work for you so go ahead and let us know your results.

good luck

Ya thanks alot dude. I play on a really competetive and good team. And last year i had 4 complete games out of like 6 starts. We only play like 25games a year and you can only throw some many pitches. But ya i had a 2-2 record. But i also had 2 no decisions as well. Which is the shits. Both of those no decisions i only had 1 inning left in the games. So ya kind of sucks. But ya i was a first year player(in the age catergory). i was a freshman if you will. Anyways I am a lot better and a lot stronger than i was last year. Last year my hardest pitch was 79mph. And i hit that at the very end of August, I only hit that pitch once. And already this year i am sitting pretty comfortable at 80mph average. So i am happy. But i want to hit another 5mph this year. Because i have a big tryout camp at the end of may. Which is in 3-4 weeks. Thats why i want to do so much long toss.

But ya. If you have any other suggestions in me getting another 5mph on my pitch is awesome. i have acess to a ball diamond every day. So i can do anything. Where i live its usually winter in about september to march. So its hard to do stuff in the offseason.