Leg Strength

I am a 16 year old JV pitcher and I throw in the low 70’s (72-74). The only thing holding me back from pitching varsity is my velocity. Ever since I was 12 I have heard that the legs generate most of the velocity, but since I have heard that I have worked on my legs in the weight room very much. I can squat about 300 pounds which is more than most of my team mates which throw much harder than me (80’s) so I am just wondering if I need to work out my shoulders more or if it may be my mechanics that is keeping my velocity down?

You can’t just work on one body part and expect your velocity to increase. Your goal should be to increase overall strength and power and then apply that new power to the skill of pitching. If you are lacking in either the strength or the skill/mechanics, you will never reach your full potential velocity.

Mike put it very well. Just remember to throw, throw, throw.
Strength is great, and you need it, but you will never throw harder without throwing more.

Yeah I didnt mean I just work my legs. I work my upper body one day then lower body the next and alternate days. So I didnt mean I just work on legs and nothing else.

You might want to list some of your set weights (bench - 150 etc etc) so we can tell if it is the strength holding your velocity back or something else. The fact that you can squat 300 leads me to believe that you are a pretty strong guy, so I would look at your mechanics. Find a good pitching instructor and see what he thinks. You might also want to look for instructors that know how to teach high velocity mechanics.

I would tell you to look into weighted baseball training, but if your mechanics are flawed you could do some serious damage to yourself. Get in to see an instructor first.

I know how it feels. I’m a freshman pitcher for the JV team and I only throw in the low 70’s also and I can squat over 300 pounds just like you… so I would say to long toss alot and do mechanics drills every night and get your mechanics down then your velocity will increase… thats what I am doing plus lifting weights.