Leg stamina


Yesterday was one of the first scrimmages my baseball team had this year and i was called on for the start. the first three innings were fine but then my legs started to become completely drained. my arm was fine but i lost all of my velocity. what can i do to gain more stamina and strength in my legs?


i would guess just work out your legs more. but i wanna see what everybody else says


Endurance training works best. I would just do some running every day to keep my stamina up.


Google “Plyometrics”


One thing you could do is if you have a bike ride it ALOT, this will build up muscle in your legs, targeting you legs in a workout is a good idea too.


I have to agree, I know I used to get fatigued late in games, and the first thing to get tired would be my legs, which caused my stride to shorten, which caused a whole mess of mechanical issues late in games. Then I started doing some explosive box jumps, depth jumps, reactive jumps, squat jumps, long jumps, triple jumps, pretty much anything jumping.

I’d pm centerfield if you’re looking for more information, he’s a pretty good resource when it comes to that stuff, I know he’s a big supporter of practicing cushioning landings, stuff like that.