Leg pains

ji does any1 have exercies on an injusred shin, knees and tight calves and hamstrings?

If you can give me more detailed information on your injuries, I could be more helpful.

When we look at the Knee, Shin, Hamstrings and Calves, We have to look at it as a whole unit. They are all connected and an injury to one area can cause pain or problems in any of the other areas.

From the information that you have posted it sounds like you would benefit most from a good stretching program. If you can work on stretching 2-3 times a day for about 30 minuets for the Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Claves and Shins you should get relief.

These are all simple stretches and you can find about them by asking a Certified Athletic Trainer, Coach, or Personal Trainer at your local health club.

well at the begining of my last season i had a tight calve. Then i had a split shin b/c my coach made me catch with out gear and sometimes when i ran i had some ankle pains. but now when i run my calves and hamstring gets tightened up.

There is a reason that catchers have the gear that they do! A coach and player should know to never catch without full gear. And all of the gear should be free of defects.

It sounds like you need to spend extra time stretching out your hamstrings and calves before and after games and practices. You may want to try putting hot packs on your hamstrings and calves for 10-15 min. before stretching. You can also take an easy jog until you break a sweat. This will the cause the muscles to become more elastic and you will get a better stretch

o ok but what about my shin and knees? what should i put on them? ice or a hot pack? because if you can tell me an exercise routine that i can do durning the winter so i can get my legs bak to full health by the start of the next season then that would be help ful

I would recommend heat and stretching before activity and ice after activity for your knees and shins.

Check with your school certified athletic trainer or coaches. A general core building exercise program should meet your needs.

o ok. thank you