Leg kick?

Just got a quick question about my leg kick. Im a LHP and im noticing after my lift my leg goes down and out to firstbase then around to home. I was wondering if thats how it should be or would it help with getting square to the plate if I dropped my leg and went straight to home plate with it. Thx guys.

The leg kick is a momentum device and a component of timing. Also it determines the orientation of your body to the plate (Open, closed or squared). I am not a big throw across your body guy but the mechanics that are you, may dictate it…sooooo. I would ask yourself a couple of questions; Does the way you throw make your arm sore (Elbow or shoulder)? Are you accurate? We always want more velocity but are you satisfied with your speed (Do you throw hard)? Do you get worn out after just a couple of innings? If you are answering in the negative to any or all of these you may want to consider a modification to the leg kick. There really isn’t a “right” way generally, just a “right” way that makes you more efficient. I always recommend steering clear of throwing it way out there (Towards 1st on a lefty, 3rd on a righty) because your body has to correct the balance to get you back moving to the plate, but that is just my preferance.

Sweeping the leg around doesn’t automatically imply striding offline and throwing back across the body. If, for you, that is the case, then pay close attention to JD’s comments. Otherwise, know that Nolan Ryan swept his leg around.

Well i dont think my veloicity is too bad for my size, 5’ 10" 160lbs. I hit 76-78 with my 2 seam on flatground. But my location isnt always the best. I think some of the problem is not squaring up. So would going up, down, then to home with my lead leg help for this or is there something else i should be looking at?

Tough to say without seeing you. Lots of possible causes for control problems.

Theres an opinion that the whole “stepping over something” leg stride is a secret to velocity. Your stride is an example. Its almost a swing. Most major leaguers include this move in their stride and most of them throw 90+ and usually stay pretty consistent and injury free.

Whose opinion or where is it held? What would it effect regarding velocity?
Just curious…haven’t heard the opinion as a “secret” to velocity…

The idea is that it causes a faster/more forceful hip rotation.