Leg Height

One of our pitching coaches told me I was lifting my front leg too high.
I was just wondering what you guys thought about this.
It didn’t seem to help or hurt me, it was just uncomfortable.

Nolan Ryan felt the higher he lifted his leg the harder he threw, and Tom House tested it and found it to be true. However he said that leg height only helped because he didn’t lose balance, his weight stayed centered, not falling in any direction. The second thing he emphasized was the word “lift,” make sure your not kicking your leg up there, it has to be lifted under control. Nolan’s advise summed up was basically to lift your leg in a controlled fashion as high as you can without effecting your balance.

I’m not saying whose right or wrong , your coach or Nolan, and I don’t mean that sarcastically. Your coach might see something, maybe he’s finding your weight is shifting or your falling forward to soon not allowing your arm to get up in time effecting your control? Maybe you are kicking it up there unnaturally and your pitches are seeming less effective. He might just see it as unnecessary movement because when you do it he doesn’t see any improvement in your pitches. There just could be so many things. I’d say you ask your coach why you shouldn’t lift your leg so high and see if his reason makes sense.


The concern over a high leg is that you may sacrifice some balance on your delivery to home plate. Ultimately, it comes down to your comfort level. If you feel a high leg gives you something extra, keep doing it. At this point in the season, I would not be messing around with other mechanics. If you want to tinker around with your pitching motion, I would wait until summer ball.

Jack Elliott