Leg drive question

Do I have enough leg drive?

My son is a freshman in high school. Is it good practice for him to catch one game and then pitch the next? What do you think and at what point is it appropriate to ask questions about this practice to the coach? :?

I don’t think it is, one reason being that you use your legs so much to pitch and while you are catching you are just burning up the energy in your legs. Next is the number of throws, while catching every pitch back to the pitcher, throws to bases and then if you pitch in the same day add those throws to that number. In the MLB they shut guys down around 120 now, your son could throw 200-250 balls in one day.

On the other side, at the high school and above level, it isn’t you who decides what is good for your son any more, it’s the coach on the team and what the team needs from him. If your son’s coach is anything like the coach my kids play for you will be lucky to get into a conversation about your sons play, he will cut you off right away. Your son has to be his own advocate now…no more daddy ball and if he wants to play then it is what it is.