Leg Curls/Leg Extensions?

Ive read on some of the threads that Leg Curls and Leg Extensions are useless, but I haven’t seen a reason for it. Can someone please tell me why these 2 excercises are useless and what I could replace them with?

i dont think that either are useless…but i have read that leg curls put unecessary stress on your knees, this can be felt when you put a really heavy weight on.
Leg curls, i think these are great, i have built strength using these and i get a really bad burning sensation after 3 sets.

Alternatives…depends what program you are currently using and what other exercises you are using.

Leg press (you can change yiour foot position to emphasise the use of particular leg muscles)
Squat (1 or 2 legged)
Box squat
Box jumps
Hack squat (hurt my knees, so i stopped doin this exercise)

Standing leg curl
Leg press (with feet up high on the platform)

Thats all i can think of for the moment

There are several problems with leg curls/extensions. They are not a free weight exercise, ground based exercise and are not a compound exercise. Baseball is played on your feet with all your leg muscles working together. You need to work your leg muscles in a similar way. Squats, deadlifts, and lunges are by far the best leg exercises. If you do these hard enough, you won’t need extensions/curls.

Maybe it’s just me, but I remember Mike explaining that several times…

Haha, I agree. Maybe this should be stickied at the top of the Strength and Conditioning forum or something lol.

I believe this is due to leg curls only working the hamstring where it attaches to the knee, and not where it attaches to the glutes as well.
There are definately more effective hamstring exercises out there.

Glute/Ham raises absolutely smash your posterior chain if done right.

Leg Extensions can be bad for the knees. I only use them for 2 sets very light weight (20 reps +) to warm up for doing squats.


Every pitchers exercise. If you do nothing at least squat.