Leg Curl and Leg extension

What exercises would be a good substitution for theses exercises???

Leg Curl and Leg Extension

I think One legged squat with med ball is good and maybe Lunges or Dumbell single leg calf raise…

What do you think?

Leg curl - deadlifts, glute ham raises, good mornings

Leg Extension - any squat variation, lunge

I agree with KC.

I think Glute Ham raise is about the best substitute you can have for leg curl, if it’s not already better in the first place. I personally think it’s better anyways because it works the hamstring at both attachments (butt and knee), leg curl only works the attachment in the knee.

How much weight for a romanian {sp} dead lift on one leg?
Or a reg deadlift

5’’ 8’ 1/2 140 pounds and pretty strong.

For example did a quick leg press today easy 280. Idk if that’s good but I did it. Prob could go way past 300 but i didn’t feel like it.

When you start with an exercise it’s best to start low and work your way up.