Leg Crossing over

I just noticed that Ive been doing this but I figure now that Ive been doing it the whole summer so I am not sure if this is good or bad but. What the deal is when I pitch my back leg swings around like normal but instead of getting it to stop a little head and little more then shoulder length apart, I keep swinging it forward and parallel to my front foot and the plate. I think I saw a pitcher pitching like this once but is this something I should really try to work on or is it a minor thing that dosnt have much effect?

it puts you in bad fielding position
i think it comes from a long stride and rapid rotation of the hips and shoulders
idk how to fix

Francisco Rodriguez

Yea thats what my coach kept telling me but other then that its probably not hurting my machanics correct?

usually what causes you to fall off the mound is that your landing on the outside of your front leg which makes your knee plant on the outside of your foot thus causing you to fall to your glove side

i dont see it as a bad thing - i do it, many ‘power’ pitchers do this

i personally think its from late hip rotation which doesnt allow your leg to fully straighten vertically which causes your knee to land on the outside

Ok good, cause my accuracy takes a big toll when I dont do it so its good to know that I can stick with it.

it is
get one hit back at you and try to field it
you cant get around to it as fast as it comes off of aluminum bats

dont get hot shotted