Leg angle when you lift your leg

I’m having a lot of problems with my mechanics.

1st is the direct of the leg when lifting it. To explain this I found a video of that wite sox guy explaining what I do. When I lift my leg instead of it pointing at the back shoulder it is pointing open like he shows at 14 seconds in.

Also still having trouble with moving out and lifting up my leg at the same time.

and another problem is my back leg collasp and comes forward.

Does anyone know how to fix any of theses problems or drills or anything I could do. it’s haulting my MPH I could be throwing about 3-4 mph fast with a couple fixes but I don’t no where to start.

Also I stay back way to long and can’t get my body moving out like randy johnson or marino rivera.

NEED HELP to refine mechanics I have some bad flaws.

Easy Ristar… these are flaws that can be corrected just with some simple dry work.

First, just work on your leg lift and building forward momentum. A little nudge from the rubber is all you’ll need to get going. Why can’t you lift your leg towards your back shoulder?

5-10 minutes of dry work a day should be all you need.

I don’y know when I turn to lift it is stay’s open like that video shows but then I close it off. So does anyone else have anything I could do. And hammer how would you want me to do drill work with my leg lift?

When I do dry work I prefer to do it in front of a mirror. You can use the head on angle but for your issue I would set things up so the mirror is on your open side. In other words the mirror is third base. This way, when you lift your leg you can see with your own eyes where your knee lift is going and if your getting forward momentum. Granted, your eyes will be on the mirror, and not towards the plate, but for the sake of the drill you’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not. You’ll also be able to feel what it’s like when you do it properly.

Just did some dry work slowly and I seem to be getting the leg lift towards the back shoulder Ok but It’s a challenge to get the hip moving at same time.

Also I tend to lift move very slightly out at peak leg lift and then drop the leg down and move out some more. I know this is mechanicall wrong BUT of course I do not know how to Drive then Drop could someone try to help me with that.

Try lifting the leg straight up, and then just push the hip forward. Picture a string from the catcher pulling the hip forward. That’s all you need to get the hips going early and create proper separation. Make sure the upper body stays tall and back as the hip is being pulled forward.

Yeah I seemed to have taken 2 steps back but now I feel better mechanically wise and seamed to have fixed the problems in a short amount of time with the dry mirror work. I can lift it fine now it’s just I keep have to work on getting the hip to move a little more out at peak leg lift and it will be ok.

It’s funny how the leg lift and angle could cause alot of things to to very wrong but I’m gaining alot of ground and getting right back on track quickly.

How much time a day should I do mirror work/drills for gaining momentum?

Also I would like to now how long it will take with me going through my motion and lifting and pointing the hip at the same time to get comfortable with this and get it down?

That Coop dude talks about taking the knee to the back shoulder and that’s all he talks about. THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. Look at the the pro video clips on this site and you’ll see some pitchers take their knee to their back should, some take it to the front shoulder, some take it back toward 2B, and some probably flick their foot back toward 2B. You gotta figure out what works best for you.

Can you say “Hershiser Drill”?

Are you trying to do momentum pitching?

No not Momentum pitching.

I’m trying to get the hip to move out when I lift my leg. Instead of going up then down and out. When I lift and point my hip it feels tight in the front hip and is hard to do.

How long will it take to undue the habit of up down and out and getting the hip to move out before peak leg lift?

Roger right now I just start my motion, I lift the leg up then while I’m doing that I point the hip and try to drive. Should I keep doing this to get the feeling of trying to get the hip going sooner?

Explain the Hershiers drill it confuses me?

Thanks for the help

[quote=“RIstar”]No not Momentum pitching.

I’m trying to get the hip to move out when I lift my leg. Instead of going up then down and out. When I lift and point my hip it feels tight in the front hip and is hard to do.

How long will it take to undue the habit of up down and out and getting the hip to move out before peak leg lift?[/quote]
About 1000 reps to replace one habit with another habit.

That’s what the Hershiser drill is about.

Search the site for “Hershiser”. I’ve explained it before - probably more than once.

I looked up your name and the Hershiser drill and never saw a post that you explained it. I would like to know how to do the drill.

Also Idk if it’s a problem but when I lift my leg and point my hip my hip feels really tight and is hard to do it alot. I want to be able to get my hip to move out like Mariano Rivera.

You study the game, you’ve seen the clips, and you know what you want to do… Now all you need is…

reps reps reps reps reps… stretching… more reps, reps reps and some more reps.

I’ve done over 200+ repeats and my hips are now sore and beat lol but I’m starting to get it down not lol.

I will do about 20 minutes a day.

I would just do 20-30 quality reps. Key word there quality. If you can do that on a regular daily basis, you’ll break that habit in no time. Don’t do too many though, no need to get sore from dry work, just try and get quality reps, and you’ll be all set in no time.

RI, you make things too complicated sometimes. Just try and keep everything simple. With regards to the hips, a cue that I like is to elevate the front hip slightly higher than the back hip. Then as you’re driving toward the plate, try and maintain that tilted relationship for as long as you can while “riding” your back leg into foot plant.

To keep it simple you should try focusing on controlling the center of your body rather than worrying about where your stride is going or worrying about hip/shoulder separation. If you control the big muscles, the little muscles will figure out where to go.

Ever heard the term “Paralysis by Analysis”. Well, you suffer from this big time. I have to watch myself also when I teach. I can definitely go there. You need to simplify, my friend.

You’re too tied up with precisely what the leg should do, or the arm, or the toe next to the baby one just as the moon becomes full. :slight_smile:

Remember, no absolutes, as Roger pointed out. Trial and error. Simplify. Sometimes you only need a cue like “just throw the darned ball”.

Well last night I started to really get the motion down and feel ok with the hip moving out. I’m a little sore today in the hips and inner leg but I will do about 20 dry throws to keep the feeling of driving and lifting the leg at the same time.

Things are coming together pretty good it’s just going to take a little while to full get ride of the habbit that I had before but I should be fine in about 1-2 weeks.

just did my 30 dry throws infront of mirror today did pretty good the hip moved out but I noticed that since the body moves out pretty far that I need to try to work hard at keeping my upper body slightly behind the hip and then try to stack the joints at landing but everything is looking better.