Leftypitcher's road to a D1 baseball scholarship

First to start off I will tell you some info about me

Name: Troy
Grade: Junior
Height: 6’0
Weight: 135
Arsenal: 4 seam, 2 seam, 2-8 Curve, developing Circle Change
Throws/Bats: L/R
Other Positions: 1B, OF
Alternate Sports: Cross Country

My goals are to: Gain Weight and Muscle and a lot of it which is hard because I have IBS (Irritable Bawl Syndrome), I want to throw mid 80’s next year as right now I throw high 70’s and maxing at low 80’s, I also want to develop my changeup more.

To gain this weight I have been using Rippetoe’s strength program. I have been trying to eat a lot to bulk up on calories and proteins. I have been staying away from things that will bother my IBS.

To gain arm strength I have been long tossing with my brother and my best friend who is another starting left handed pitcher for varsity though.

And a goal I forgot to add was to be key contributer to varsity staff next year as I was our best JV pitcher. I went 10-3 with a 3.03 ERA.

Have been working on a longer stride and coiling in my mechanics plan on throwing again on Sunday

gonna go out and look for a pitching net today anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a product?

Get a canvas catcher i have one and theyre really good.

how much was it and where did you get it from?


Heres a link to some i got mine for christmas a couple years back.

Which one of those did you get?

I got the second one on the page.

the all-star multi sport trainer?? the one thats black and red?

Yep thats the one, and the strike zone is pretty low so it helps you practice keeping it low in the zone.

Threw around wit my friend today at the bullpen by the varsity field. Caught each other for bout 30 pitches each but was only givin 80% or so. Practiced grips and compared grips with my friend.

Just lifted Day 1 Week 1 of Ripptoe’s Strength Program, a shorter workout then I thought it would be but was somewhat difficult. Plan on lifting again friday and sunday. I was gonna lift monday or tuesday this week but was busy. Also later tonight have another captain’s practice for cross country so I should probably run about 4 miles tonight depending on if coach comes or not.

Lifted again this morning Day 2 Week 1. Felt like a good workout. Added some rotator cuff workouts at the end to. Tomorrow I am gonna long toss again with my friend. I have a tryout for a 18U team on the 24th and a 16U team on the 28th.

Long tossed this morning. Cross country practices start monday, everyday 9-11 I am gonna try to keep throwing and working out as much as possible.

Forgot to post my workout so here it is.

Squats - 3x5
Bench - 3x5
Deadlift - 3x5
Dips - 2 x 8-12

Squats - 3x5
Standing Press - 3x5
Pull from floor (rows 3x5 or cleans 5x3)
L- Flyes- to strength the rotator cuff

Squats - 3x5
Bench - 3x5
Deadlift - 3x5
Dips - 2 x 8-12
curl - 2 x 8-12
triceps extension (TriEx)- 2 x 8-12

Every other day I dont workout I run and starting this monday I will be running everyday.

Worked out again today. Squats are becoming to feel a lot easier might add on some weight next time I lift. Start cross country tomorrow.

Threw with my dad after cross country for about a half hour then lifted a couple hours later. Day 1 Week 2 of Ripptoe’s Strength Program. I feel like the program is helping. I added a little more weight on the squats and deadlifts this time and did not have any problems

Lifted Day 2 Week 2 of Ripptoe’s Program added a little weight onto the squats today

Worked out today. Day 3 Week 2 of Ripptoes. I ordered a TUFFCUFF program from Mr. Ellis today. No cross county practice tomorrow for memorial day so I am gonna try to get out there and throw if I am not to sore.