I’m right handed but I’ve always wanted to throw lefty is their any way that its possible? Thanks in advance -Brandon

As a suggestion, be very careful expecting too much too soon.
I’ve had some experience with pitcher’s trying to do just what your
attempting, either by experimentation or just fooling around with a
“let’s see if I can do this.” The outcome in all instances have not been
good – at least from my experiences.

Give me just a moment of your time to explain a few things before
Jumping into your question proper.

The human body is a unique piece of composition. Its structure and
composition allows it to be very, very flexible with some parts and less
so with others. Add to this, the body’s strongest muscles and joints
are located at the bottom of the body’s structure – legs, pelvis, and lumbar.
As the bodies structure progresses upward, dexterity and flexibility
chime in. Thus, the body gives up some of its strength and muscle-bone
mass to agility and detail.

As you grow, your body starts to learn how to teach itself, right or wrong,
how to depend on various parts of its structure to do things. Hence,
your body’s first response to lifting heavy objects is to use the legs
and back, not the elbows and wrists.

So, if we want evidence of this self-taught experience, or muscle memory as
some call it, just look at your signature, or handwriting. Over the years,
it may get better, legibility wise, but it still looks pretty much the same.

Now more directly to your question.

Your body has taught itself to rely on certain muscles and muscle groups
to throw or pitching – “as is.” When you try to use another set of muscles
or muscle groups, you’re basically starting from scratch. Movement, progress
this-after-that, is going to feel very awkward at first, and for good reasons.
Under no circumstances try and override your body’s feedback mechanisms
telling you…”ahhh I don’t think this is a good idea.” One of the first things that
you’ll be putting stress-loads on, are the vertebra’s of your spine. You won’t
feel it first, but any stiffness in the base of your neck should alter you to cool
it, stay away from pushing this, and leave well enough alone.

Coach B.

Thank-you coach B It was just an Idea because I ever mess up my right arm now i understand more thankyou so much :smiley: -Brandon

If you are going to try, then you should go slowly and really focus on mechanics.

Go slow and progress to actually throwing. I would stop if you feel any pain because you definitively don’t want to have an injury.

Walk before you jog, jog before you run.

There’s a guy on here named SwitchPitch39 you might want to talk to him to get some ideas.

Ill talk to him when I get a chance thankyou guys