Lefty Missing to the Left of the Plate


From the pitcher’s perspective, my lefty son sometimes misses to the left of the plate. It’s not by much, and it’s in the strike zone. He can recover, but typically this is where he misses.

Without video to show you, what, if anything, can you conclude from this? I usually tell him to stay closed meaning lead more with the hip like in the Hershiser Drill because I assume he’s flying open a bit causing him to miss to his left? Is this a correct assumption? I don’t want to give him the wrong advice.


See - WORKING THE RUBBER. Both of those sub-topics may answer some of your questions.

Unless there are physical posture and surface condition issues, sometimes the lack of picking a specific target, consistently, can be a problem. Also, age, physical tolerance and endurance can be a simple things that are overlooked.


Coach Baker, thanks. I just realized I posted this in the General Pitching Advice forum, when I probably should have posted this in the Youth Pitching forum as my son is only 12 and the drill you referenced is for pitchers 16 and up.


Two things to look for also.

  1. When he does his knee lift does he kick out the heel of his other foot, causing him to throw more to the left. It only has to be a slight movement. He needs to stay parallel to the rubber.

  2. Is he landing on a firm flat foot or on the ball of his foot. It needs to be flat or he will be able to move the plant foot to easily instead of having a firm base to torque around.


I have this issue myself. Being left-handed, if you’re throwing to the inner half to a lefty and high, you’re opening up too early. This means that your glove arm pulls or torques too quickly and your arm lags behind. When your arm is lagging behind, it’ll try and catch up. This will cause the ball to sail on you.


Thanks, CG24! You’re probably right. It is a problem he’s been battling since the beginning it seems. However, the ball doesn’t sail high much. He just misses to the left predominately. He actually does a pretty good job of keeping the ball down low.

That said, assuming he’sd opening up to early. What drills should we do combat this besides the NPA Hershiser and Towel drills?


The trick is to figure out whether his opening up early is a problem in and of itself or if it is a result of something else - likely a posture or glove issue.

Make sure he keeps his head upright to help take care of posture and make sure he gets his glove arm into an equal and opposite position with his throwing arm as close to front foot plant as possible. If it feels like he has to hold his glove arm out front too long, have him get himself moving down the hill sooner and/or faster to get into foot plant quicker.


Roger, thanks.

I’m going to try to get some video. It probably won’t be until sometime next week though.