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What do I need to work on? Front side glove?


What do I need to work on? Front side glove?[/quote]

What I see at quick glance you look pretty solid. Your arm action looks like it could use a little work (how you get to scap load) but it’s not bad (leaning more towards a “circle up” load instead of using the scaps and shoulder rotation to load the arm).

What are your specifics (like height, weight, age & velocity)? Any concerns or issues you are having trouble with?

Love your mechanics! Probably the best I’ve seen on this site (not that I’ve viewed that many, but still…)

To nit-pick, here’s what I see –

  1. I’m not a fan of staggering the feet in the set position and especially don’t like the front foot turned in. I’d rather see you keep your feet parallel with each other.

  2. I absolutely love the way you lead with your hips - this is textbook. However, I am not a big fan of the leg swing. That being said, you do a good job of getting to a consistent landing and you don’t fall off to the side so I think you have enough functional strength to get away with it. Still, you may find you will have better control if you get your lead foot under you a bit more and go straight to the plate rather than swing it around. Just be careful not to reach with the front foot, rather drive with the back leg before landing the lead leg.

  3. I think you can drive a bit longer sideways before landing - keep that back knee from turning in as long as possible. If you work on keeping the back knee over the back ankle longer and drive sideways, you will get a bit more push. You want full back leg extension before landing.

  4. Same thing goes for the front foot; don’t turn it toward the plate until the very last second. Keep everything sideways as long as possible.

  5. I would like to see you break your hands later - you do a good job of moving your hands up with the leg lift, but keep the hands moving down as the leg comes down. The longer you hold on to the ball, the later the arm will get involved, and the later the arm action, the more velocity (and less stress on the arm - getting your body to do the work).

What are your stats? Height? Weight? Age? Velocity?

You look fantastic - keep it up!

I’m 5 11 190 22 years old, throw 86-88, thanks for the critiques Ill definitely be working on my back leg drive and driving straight to the plate in my pen tomorrow

how about his stride???