Lefty mechanics analysis


Hey I’ve been out throwing again with some JUCO guys. Gonna start eating like a elephant and lifting again currently 6’3 180. This winter wanted to see if anything mechanically could be improved. Thank you.


Two things I see …

  1. You start with your feet too far apart, resulting in backward movement toward second base before your forward movement toward home plate. Feet should start closer together.

  2. Your plant foot lands open toward third base line. Should land pointed toward home plate.


Just looking at your arm action it looks like you are somewhat “pushing” the ball I would try to get your arm higher. I like how you lead toward the plate with your hips.


Thanks for the replies, I did notice my arm action is lazy. I tried leading with my glove hand today and following the motion with my left and turned out well so will upload another soon.


I also suggest eliminating the weight shift towards 2B at the start of your delivery.

Get your glove arm extended forward to a better equal & opposite position - this will take a little more time and allow the shoulders to stay closed longer resulting in better hip and shoulder separation.


I have been trying to get that muscle memory down, but on another thought I was watching Kershaw and noticed he has weight shifting toward 2B or is that just his arm action really low but his shoulders and body are still moving forward?


Kershaw actually stands with his two feet very close together, unlike your feet, which are very far apart, and he does not shift his weight back toward second base, as you do. Also, notice his plant foot, directly toward home plate - yours lands open to the third base line. See video below.


The thing I’ve found odd about Kershaw is his pause before his stride. He drops his stride leg almost straight down then pauses before striding out. Normally, this would mess up a pitcher’s timing, but in his case I think his pause allows him to sync his hand drop to hand break. His hands are still coming down so he stops his stride leg to get his timing right. It doesn’t hurt him because his hands never stop moving. Very interesting delivery.


I noticed everything I do except the plant foot towards thirdbase instead of homeplate. I’m left handed so how would my plant foot land behind me towards third?


By “plant foot” I mean the foot you plant with, i.e., your stride leg. We can call it “stride foot” :smile:. Below are two screen grabs that clearly show the difference between Kershaw’s plant/stride foot and yours. At foot plant, his foot is straight toward home plate; your foot is wide open to the third base line. This might be corrected by taking Roger’s advice above on your glove arm and staying closed longer.


Got it thanks for that.